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flash animations
flash animations
Flash Web Design tips

With Mix-FX you can create great-looking animations, buttons, banners, menus and other animated effects for your site. Of course, you still need to be able to make a decent web page design as well. Below are some tips that may help you to do this and look professional.

These suggestions are targeted at starting web designers and people that may need some help to get things going.

Tip 1 - Use a reference
If you see an interesting web design or layout, try to use it as a reference.

Tip 2
- Be original
Be original and try to avoid things that have been done a million time before such as: page counters, javascript text scrolling, excessive animated GIFs, 'under construction' signs, page fade-ins, etc.

Tip 3
- Content is king
Create unique content, the more pages with quality content you have the better. Make the content on your main page focused and avoid the need for the user to scroll down too far on a web page.

Tip 4
- Graphics
Graphics should always support he content and never dominate the content. Avoid excessive use of graphics, or any other graphical elements.

Tip 5
- Be HTML-compliant
Make sure you follow all the HTML standards and that you are fully HTML-compliant, as some browsers are more efficient when the proper HTML code is used.

Tip 6 - File-size
Make sure that your site is relatively quick to load, no matter what you put on it. There are obviously a number of factors that can affect how quickly a website loads, but try to make sure that excessive file sizes isn't one of them.

Tip 7 - Colors
Use a colorscheme of matching colors. Avoid excessive use of shouting colors such as green, yellow, or red.

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