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Here are some of the many positive reactions to Mix-FX we received from users.

Wanted to let you know we redesigned the site using a flash logo made with Mix-Fx and the response has been incredible! The site looks so professional and lively now and hosting sign-ups have tripled since new design was implemented. Thanks to Mix-Fx for adding flair and style to our site!

G Cornell


I recently purchased a registration key to use mix-fx....wonderful, fantastic, where have you been all my life...it is so easy it is scary. I am so happy with this beast I can't stand the excitement.

Larry Costello


I can't believe how easy you just made my life! I could just kiss the whole lot of you damn it!!!!!! This software rocks man. One thing though. Oh my goodness could us beginners become masters. Oh the thoughts that are going through my little head...(devious laugh inserted here). All in all....DAMN YOU GUYS (and girls) ARE THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Love YA!


I've been using Mix-FX for about a year. In addition to nearly meeting every Flash-type effect requirement my clients have asked for, I'm particularly impressed with the short time required to meet them. The price alone, makes MIX-FX a very attractive tool. Above, I said "nearly meeting...". With my purchase of Anim-FX this morning, I find I now have ALL the tools I need. I've already build 4 pages and submitted them to a client for review - and I just activated the product an hour and a half ago! Well done Menno.

Jay Smith


MX-FX can't be beat for ease of use and terrific flash effects in minutes....not hours! Extremely versatile and a "must have" design tool for all designers and non-designers alike. I wouldn't be without it in my toolbox!



Thanks again Menno. You're one cool dude out there willing to lend a helping hand to us dum web developer out here. Later...




Hi Menno,

I,v used your product extensively so I figured I would offer it up for your testimonial page. Your product is outstanding and any less of a word would not do it justice. Thanks a million for creating such wonderful pieces of software. Check out the great navigation bar!

Thanks again


"Hi there,

I am so impressed with Mix-FX! It's easy to use, easy to put on my websites, and the quality of the software and the effects are outstanding! As a web designer it will help me create more exciting sites for my clients. As the owner of a very popular site for motorcyclists I fully intend to make some good, cold hard cash from your affiliate program. Be prepared to send me the dough! It's an affordable program that I know my site's visitors will want. Thank you for making it affordable and user friendly! You're the greatest!'

Brenda Jackson

"Thank you so much for this help. I have got it working now. Thanks for ALL of the help that you folks have offered. It is great to know that you can buy software at a good price and actually get support for it! These are some really usable products I must say. I COULD do all of this by hand, but I can save myself hours of work with the Mix FX tool. Very cool."

Geoey J. Cook
Serengeti Software Corporation

"I can't wait til you add more items. So classy. Better than anyone else's. Keep up the great work! Thanks again."


"Hi, I just want to say that this is the best and easiest program I've come across so far. I use a lot of different animation tools and am always on the lookout for new tools available, but Mix-FX is near perfect so I can stop my search now!"

Melanie Young

Menno, YOU ARE DA' MAN!!!!!!!!! (I hope the "name without a face" assumption is accurate...lol) By the way, you made the sale, also. I d'loaded Camstudio, like you suggested, and BOOM!, it worked. What else can I say, but, THANK YOU! If they had an "internet businessman of the year" award, you'd get it, hands-down. Just in case I don't get to talk to you again, have a good life.



Thank you for the swift response to my question. You don't often find great easy to follow instructions with many software companies I shall try your suggestions and see how I get on.


Thanks for your excellent product. I use it daily. I have a web design business located in Valley, NE. Your product has provided me with alot of opportunity to tweak my sites.

Thanks, Eric Einarsson
Einarsson Design


"Yo boo, Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I got the program working fine...It's amazing! What Hotdog(tm) does for HTML, Mix-FX does for Flash! Easy to learn, and straightforward.
Geez, If Flash were only this easy!"

Thanks! ~ John Webmaster

Thanx. You guys are the best! I can't believe how fast you got back to me. The software is great, all of it.

Thank you again

"Thanks! Mix-FX is GREAT and for the price this is a very nice addition to anyone's Graphics software. As a matter of fact, it's a steal for all that you are able to do withit. I applaud you all for your talent! And looking forward to the new updates. Thanks again."




Dixie Lawrence

Hello Menno, Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'm sure you're very busy. Yes, as I am on a very low budget I can't afford the macromedia software for flash sites, so your little tool is a gem for me. And, I did buy anim-fx the very same day. My web design company consists of only me and I mainly only do Harley-Davidson related sites. I don't make alot of money but enjoy it very much, and your software will allow me to add a little pizzaz to my clients' sites. Once again, I thank you for making it affordable. There are few like you who make helpful programs and still make them available to all instead of only the big companies. Thank you again. Have a good week.




Menno: Thanks soo much I have the key, and the Mix-Fx is very very easy and cool. It's excelent.

Rogelio H.M.
Webmaster (medium level)


"Our team of web developers was pleasantly surprised by the extremely small file sizes of the effects. It's also great that the possibilities are just about endless. We will make use of Mix-FX for many of our projects to come!"

Bryan Lee
Creatuli Multimedia





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