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METATAGS and Search Engine Issues

This is a 5 minute SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guide to help your site get indexed and listed in the major search engines.

We will only discuss the most importance areas to get your website properly indexed by the search engines. The areas that we are going through are the Title Tag, Meta (Description and Keywords) Tags, and Body text: a brief description of what you should write in the body text of your main (index) page.

This is just a very brief description, but it will nonetheless be very useful to the novice web designer to get a better understanding of the basics on how to get your website indexed and listed at the search engines.

Below is a sample of the HTML code of a basic website. We will use this as a reference when going through the 4 areas step by step

<title>Enter your Title here</title>
<meta name="keywords" content="Enter your key words here">
<meta name="description" content="Enter your description here">
Enter your page's body text here


To start the quick guide, click on one of these topics:
1) Title Tag
2) Meta Tag (description and keyword tag)
3) Body Tag
4) Submission to Search engines
5) Submission to Directories


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