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News Release

APRIL 2002

Everyone can now create animated effects easily with Mix-FX Triple W Communications introduces Mix-Flash animation software, an exciting new Flash-based software programme that lets people create animated text and background effects in a matter of seconds.

Our slogan: Mix and match your own effects with Mix-FX! The Web is increasingly becoming a moving rather than a static medium, with the number of people who use broadband, and who have a Flash-player installed, rising fast.

Many Web masters, developers and content producers would like to add animated text to their Web site, but do not have the required knowledge of Flash, or the time or money to learn how to use it or purchase the product. For these people, as well as for the millions of ordinary Joes and Janes out there who are putting together their own homepage with limited Internet skills,

Triple W Communications has developed Mix-FX, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG animation tool for the creation of stunning effects. Mix-FX stands out because of:

Its ease of use - anyone can use it and no special skills or knowledge are required.
Its very low file sizes - see examples at www.mix-fx.com/samples.htm
The ability to put the effects directly onto Web sites, load them into Flash, insert them in any HTML editor, use them in PowerPoint presentations, in video editing software or for professional broadcasting.
The thousands of creative possibilities, by combining different text effects with background effects, and changing sizes and colours.
Its low price. The product is being sold online via a secure e-commerce facility for only US$27. Its unlimited support. Any questions and feedback are responded to conscientiously.

The program can be downloaded for free from www.Mix-FX.com for trial. To be able to save and use creations, the user must first get a key, which he receives and can start using almost immediately after buying one via the Web site.

was developed by Triple W communcations. The product is available via www.mix-fx.com and several trailware and software download sites worldwide.

Upgrades are FOC and other related products are also in the making. For more information, please visit www.mix-fx.com or write to us at support@mix-fx.com.




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If you have any questions, please contact Support@Mix-FX.com

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