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flash animations
flash animations
Flash animation samples

With Mix-FX you can create animated Flash animations, Flash buttons, intros and banners. In this section I would like to demonstrate why you should use Flash animations in your website.

A Mix-FX Flash animation can be a nice way of enhancing your website. Sometimes a kind of boring web design can be turned into a great and professional looking website, just by using one Flash animation and a correct color scheme. A sample of this might be our own mainpage.

Focus point
A Mix-FX Flash animation can help you to create a focus point on your website. For example, imagine that instead of using textual headers for each subject on your website you use an animated Flash header.

If you do not have a logo yet, consider to create an animated logo with Mix-FX instead. Choose your desired color scheme, font and background animation, and you are done.

File sizes
Mix-FX animations have extremely small file sizes. Many of the animations are only a few KB large and even the more complex animations do not exceed 12KB.

Adding a Mix-FX animation to your website makes your website much livelier. Just adding one animation will change your website from a static website into a more vibrant and exciting one.

Of course, there are many more reasons for addding a Mix-FX animation to your website, but I have highlighted some of the less common considerations to add Flash animations to your website here.


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Flash animation ideas

Flash website
Flash intro idea
Flash ad idea
Flash logo idea
Flash header idea
Flash logo animation

Text animations and animated buttons created with Mix-FX