Here we have listed the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

Can I try out Mix-FX before I decide to buy it?

Yes! You can download Mix-FX for FREE!

Are my online purchases secure?
  Yes!. Every transaction is secure. We use for all our online credit card payment transactions. is an industry leader in providing E-commerce Payment Processing Services for publishers and authors of PC and Macintosh software, trialware, electronic art, information and data.
Can I send Mix-FX effects thru email?
  Yes! Many people are already doing this. Since the Mix-FX files are only a couple of KBs they can easily help you to spice up your email, just that little bit that you need to stand out. To do this you first need to create an HTML page. Type your text, add the Mix-FX files and upload this file to your webserver. Now access your HTML page online, go to the topbar of your I.E browser and click on "File/Send" and select "Page by Email". Now your default email program will open up with the "HTML formatted email" embedded into the page.
How can I purchase Mix-FX?
  You can buy Mix-FX online, and pay via our secure gateway with your credit card. You can also submit your credit card data per fax, per telephone or obtain the address details to mail us a bank check or money order
How do I enter my text?
  Click with your mouse on the "enter text" input field and type your text. Select a "font", and a "text effect" and make sure that the text color and background color are not the same. Click on "update". That's all! Now continue to add a background animation, change colors, sizes, etc.
Will Mix-FX run if I don't have Flash installed?
  Yes! Mix-FX runs absolutely independently of Flash. All program options will work identically with or without Flash installed on your computer.
When I create and preview Mix-FX movies, the saved version is not the effect that I have selected.

Until you purchase a key, Mix-FX will always only save one predefined text and background effect so you can see its superior small file size..

I'm loading the SWF file that I've created in Mix-FX into Flash , but I do not see the generated effect.

Make sure that your text color is not the same as the background color of the movie you are importing it into. For instance, if both are white, then that's the reason you're not seeing anything.

If I buy Mix-FX now, will I miss out on future upgrades?

No, once you buy Mix-FX, you are guaranteed to get any future upgrades for FREE. So there is no reason to wait. Better yet, if you buy it now you only pay US$27 and will never have to pay for any upgrades, but you can be sure that this price will increase over time and when the features have expanded. So take advantage of this attractive offer and get Mix-FX now!

Amara Flash Slideshow Builder

Amara Flash Slideshow Builder is a low-cost no-nonsense Flash album creator to help the web designer to create and design animated Flash slide-shows. With Amara Flash Slideshow Builder you can take your own digital images and music, and turn them into a stunning Flash slideshow in minutes. The software is compatible with all popular graphic file and audio formats.
Do I need the ShockWave plugin?
  NO! Mix-FX runs independently of any installed Flash plugins. Also in this case, all Mix-FX program options will work 100% identically with or without the ShockWave plugin installed.
How do I load Mix-FX files into Flash?
  You must use the Loadmovie action to do this. If you would like to see only a part of the effect you can increase the amount of keyframes to around 30. One or about 60 frames will show you the entire effect. Make sure that your text color is different from the background color and put all the SWF files into the same directory as the HTML file. Download a Flash 5 sample.
Q: why do I see a message prompting me to "click and activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over a Flash animation?
  This happens because of the latest I.E. update. To solve it and learn more about this issue please read thru the instructions at the click and activate and use this control webpage.
How to embed a Mix-FX file into PowerPoint?

Go to View - Toolbars - Control Toolbox and click on the icon which looks like a little hammer. Select "Shockwave Flash Object" from the list. Now you must drag a square to the place where you want the Mix-FX file to appear. After you have done this, right-click on the box, choose properties, and the properties menu will pop up. To add the Mix-FX file you must click on the word "Custom", and select the "Build" icon (the three dots at the end of the line) Now you must enter the Movie URL (make sure that you enter the correct path!) and check the "Embed Movie" box as well. Finally, save and run your slide show in presentation view.

How do I load Mix-FX files into Frontpage?
  Go to Insert - Advanced - Plug-In and click on the "browse" button. Select your Mix-FX file. Now enter the appropriate size and click on OK. Finally, save, and preview your file. Download a sample.
How to make my Flash intro display only 4 seconds before it automatically jumps to the index page?
  You can do this by adding a timer and a litle bit of javascript to your HTML page. click here to download the code. You must replace the Your_own_swf and your_own_html file with the correct names.
Is it possible to create buttons with Mix-FX and to include them in my website?
  Yes, when you save Mix-FX files you will see an input field where you can enter a specific URL. This should be the URL of the page you want the button to lead to. You can also use this feature to link your banner ads to the sites of the advertisers.

flash intro builder

The original multi-line Flash text effect animator. Great for building splash screens and banners. Enter up to 5 lines of animated text.

How to make a Mix-FX text effect stop from looping in Flash?
  After you have loaded the effect through the loadmovie command, you should add 59 frames and add an "unloadMovie" and "Stop" action in the 60th frame. Add an additional layer and create a textfield with the same font and text, and position this textfield exactly on top of the Mix-FX effect.

Alternatively, you can use a Mix-FX effect with the "standard" text effect settings.

In case the Mix-Effect effect fades out you must move the textfield a couple of frames to the left.

So what happens is that, after the Mix-FX effect has played once, it will be removed from the timeline and replaced by the textfield you just created.
How to create an effect with a different color than the provided colors?
  Beyond the 128 standard colors, you can use any color that you want by simply entering the desired HEX code in the HEX field of each color menu. when done you must press the enter key on your keyboard else the hex code will not be updated.
How to create an effect with dimensions larger than 600x300?
  You can create any dimensions that you would like by entering the desired dimensions in the Mix-FX, X and Y dimensions field, and then you should NOT press the update button, or you can set the width and height dimension directly in the HTML tag to a larger format or percentage. For example height="800"
How to make the SWF file transparent to add a background picture directly in HTML?

Yes, a background picture is possible. To do this, just add the following line of code to the object section of your HTML code:
<param name=wmode value=transparent>
in ther embed section of your HTML code you must add:

Download a sample.


Are there any license restrictions?

Yes. You may not make or distribute copies of the software, or transfer it from one computer to another or over a network. You may not rent, lease or sublicense Mix-FX, nor may you modify it or create derivative works based upon the software. We have special arrangements for developers who want to distribute/resell the effects as part of their existing HTML/FP/Dreamweaver templates. Please contact us at for more info on this.


ANIM-FX Splash screen creator the world's first multiline animator.

How can add a java script popup?

You can do this by entering the folowing in the URL field:


And adding a javascript function in the page called popURL() that opened a new window!

function popURL1()



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