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The tutorials on Flash and Mix-FX in the list below are very detailed. They cover every issue encountered with Mix-FX users over the last 2 years. Many items also relate to how to insert Flash generally and not only for Mix-FX, so hopefully it's very useful to many of you.

Please take your time and read through these carefully - there's a good chance one of them has the answer to your question. However, if you have any question not yet covered here, you can drop me a mail at support@mix-fx.com and I will write the answer, and add it to the list below.

Please check out this collection of Free HTML pages if you need a starting point to get your website going.

General step-by-step through Mix-FX tutorial

Adding Flash animations into Frontpage 2000 tutorial
Adding Flash animations into Frontpage 2003 tutorial
Adding Flash animations into Dreamweaver tutorial
Inserting a Flash animation into Namo WebEditor
Inserting a Flash animation into NetObjects
How to import a Flash movie into Webstudio

How to import a Flash movie into Coolpage
Using Flash animations with GlobalScape CuteSite builder
Embedding SWF files into SiteSpinner HTML Editor
Hotdog and Flash Files Tutorial

Flash and EVRsoft 1stpage 2000 Tutorial

Adding Flash animations into an HTML page created with NotePad as HTML Editor
Inserting a Flash animation in Powerpoint
Flash and VB6, C++, c# .NET - Tutorial
Importing Flash animations into Macromedia Flash tutorial
How to put a picture underneath the SWF file and make the Flash File transparent
SWF2AVI and SWF2GIF Tutorial

How to ad a music file to my HTML page with the <Emded> (sound) tag?
How to put an Intro page before my existing website?
How do I upload my website to the webserver?
Adding a Flash animation to your Blog



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If you have any questions, please contact Support@Mix-FX.com

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